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TPA - Helping you educate your children since 1983!

YOUR TPA MEMBERSHIP HELPS HOME EDUCATING FAMILIES IN KANSAS!  Our programs and services are not only for TPA Members.  All of our events are open to any homeschool parent or family.  But, TPA Membership gives you a discount at most of these events.

  • TPA provides you with the best opportunity to view curriculum and learn all you need to know to educate your children at home – the annual TPA Convention! Join us each year to purchase your curriculum and see different educational options. Attend the workshops and be encouraged and learn new techniques to help you teach your children.  TPA is your homeschool resource!

  • TPA provides workshops throughout the year covering everything from homeschool basics to how to give your high school student the best advantage in their future college years. These workshops feature local speakers who are always available to answer any questions you may have. TPA is available for you!
  • TPA is a partner with HSLDA. We are always on call to work with our HSLDA attorney representing Kansas. HSLDA is always watching what is happening in Kansas that could affect our homeschool rights and freedoms. TPA is the homeschool advocate in Kansas!

  • TPA provides a monthly e-newsletter – The TPA Homeschooler – delivered FREE to your inbox. This is available to anyone - not only TPA Members.  Stay informed about TPA events, read articles from national homeschool speakers, and see what resources and events are  available for homeschool families throughout Kansas. TPA helps you be informed!

  • TPA sponsors the annual Kansas Day Under the Dome in Topeka. This event features homeschool groups, speakers, and a chance for homeschool families to meet their legislators and learn about Kansas’ government and observe the legislative process at work. TPA supports homeschooling in Kansas!

Your $50.00 2019 TPA Membership brings you great value!  These are the benefits of TPA Membership:

-Free admission to the 2019 TPA Convention
-$20 HSLDA discount

-$15 high school graduation discount
-$5 ITBS testing discount
-Free TPA Library checkout service – have your items pulled from the shelves for you to pick up at your convenience – not only when the library is open.

TPA Memberships are valid from January 1 through December 31 of each year so sign up today to enjoy all the savings with a TPA Membership. The cost will not be prorated for a partial year of membership. 

You will receive your TPA Membership card via e-mail. Print it out and know your membership is supporting homeschool families throughout Kansas, and start enjoying the savings as you shop or attend TPA events. 

Join HSLDA by using the link below!  Make sure you use Group Number 299245 to get the discount.

HSLDA... preserve homeschooling

Please contact if you have any questions.

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