Each family must serve on one of the following committees.  Be prepared to select your top 3 committee preferences during the registration process.

Ceremony Program Preparation Committee – 2-3 mtgs in Feb/March

  • Proof read student biographies for use in the program

Student Audio Recording Committee – 4 hrs either Tues or Sat in Feb

  • Oversee student recording sessions and coach students in their delivery

Scrapbook Committee – 2-3 sessions 4-5 hrs each in Apr

  • Create a Creative Memories style scrapbook, to be completed before rehearsal night
  • Set up scrapbook display of current and all prior scrapbooks in the foyer on graduation day
  • Following the ceremony, create additional pages to display ceremony photos

Photography Committee – 2 hrs on grad day

  • Assist the official photographer employed for the ceremony
  • Arrive at Central Christian Church early on graduation day
  • Locate and assist in lining up students, families and other groups for the photos

Set-up Committee – 3 hrs on grad day

  • Arrive early on graduation day
  • Assist in set-up of Central Court for reception, primarily lighting strands and garland on canopy

Hospitality Committee – 2 hrs (ice cream social cleanup & set up snacks on grad day)

  • Clean up after ice cream social on the night of the rehearsal
  • Set up snacks in the Hospitality Suite on graduation day

Worship Center Decorations Committee – 1 hr prior to rehearsal

  • Decorate the Worship Center from 6:00-7:00 on day of rehearsal
  • Remove decorations and return all to storage at the end of the ceremony

Reception Planning Committee – 2 mtgs in Mar & Apr

  • Decide on room set up, decorations and refreshments for the graduation reception
  • Make the purchases for decorations, paper goods and food (funded by graduation budget)
  • Decorate and prepare reception room on Friday afternoon before the ceremony

Clean-Up Reception – 1 hr immediately following reception

  • Clean up Central Court following reception
  • Collect any lost and found items left in Central Court
  • Note: Central Christian maintenance personnel take care of cleaning the floors, removing trash and taking down tables and chairs in both Hospitality Room and Central Court

Clean-Up Worship Ctr & Hospitality Suite – 1 hr immediately following reception

  • Collect trash and lost & found items from Worship Center and Hospitality Suite
  • Clean up snacks in the Hospitality Suite

Cap & Gown and Post-Graduation Committee - 3-4 hrs 1 day in late April

  • Assemble cap & gown orders
  • Assemble photo & DVD packages in preparation for mailing