Kansas Area Support Groups


The following is a list of some of the homeschool Support Groups in the Southern Kansas area. Also look under "Community Resources" to find other types of homeschool extra-curricular organizations that provide social opportunities for homeschool students.  Especially check out American Heritage Girls and Boys Trail Life, as these are TPA's own sponsored groups.  If you would like to see your Support Group listed here, please send your information to supportgroups@teachingparents.org.

Adventures in Early Homeschool Education
Contact Person: Jaime Harder  

Contact E-mail: jaimefitz10@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=adventures%20in%20early%20homeschool%20education

Type of Group: Group for preschool-2nd grade homeschool students and their families to meet for a monthly field trip and Bible study, quarterly family get together, Christmas program, and preschool and kindergarten graduation.

Angels Academy
Contact Person: David Yordy
Contact Number: 316-807-8822
Contact E-mail: coachdave@wichitaangels.com
Type of Group: Coop organization - p.e., sports camps, sports teams

Benton Homeschool
Group Contact Person: Larry Schurr
Contact Number: 316-204-6709
Contact E-mail: aircraftdesign@southwind.net
Type of Group: Science and Technology

Butler County Homeschoolers
Contact Person: Jeff & Lexie Joseph
Contact Number: 316-321-1113
Contact E-mail: lexmjo@yahoo.com
Type of Group: Geographic

Central HomeSchool Family Ministries
Contact Person: Tammy Munn
Contact Number: 316-688-4400 ext.1415
Contact E-mail: chfm@ccc.org
Type of Group: Classes and Activities

Website: http://www.chfm.org

Christian Homes in Educational Fellowship (CHIEF)

Contact Person: Jim Larkins
Contact Number: 785-776-2045
Contact E-mail: larkins@kansas.net
Type of Group: Manhatta Christian Homeschool Support

Classical Conversations of Wichita
Contact Person: Suzanne Robertson
Contact E-mail: suzrob13@yahoo.com
Type of group: Weekly classes for homeschoolers utilizing the classical model with a Christian worldview.

Website: classicalconversations.com
Winfield contact
Contact Person: Willow Smith
Contact E-mail: synergistic31@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 316-558-2421

Cowley County Area Homeschool Group
Contact Person: Belinda Willmoth
Contact Email: jerbel98@att.net
Group activities and moms’ meetings 

Derby Homeschool Athletic Association (DHAA) 
Website: www.derbyinvasion.com
Type of Group: The purpose of the Derby Homeschool Athletic Association is to provide an opportunity for homeschool students to participate in competitive athletics, and through that competition help develop Christian character that will help them to be successful not only on the athletic field, but also in their own personal life and walk with Christ. (I Cor. 9:24) 

Derby Homeschool Connections Co-op
Contact Person(s): Bessie Knoester, Cindy Huber, Danielle Ripley, Rebecca Beatty
Contact E-mail: Please contact through FB page
Facebook: https: Homeschool Connections Co-op
Type of Group: Derby Homeschool Connections Co-op is a group of like-minded
Christian homeschool families.  All members work together to provide learning
experiences, social interaction, and growth for our children in a
Christ-centered environment.  We meet every Tuesday from 3:00-4:30pm with
rotating weeks of art, field trips, PE/Open gym, and park days.  We alternate
Mom's Night Out and Parents Support Meetings on a monthly basis.
We meet primarily in Derby at South Rock Christian Church and The Powerhouse
with some field trips and park days being the exceptions.  The cost is $10 per
child with a cap of $30 per family per semester (field trips are additional

East Wichita Homeschool Co-Op
Contact Person: Sara Jane Cherry
Contact Number: 316-650-7443
Contact E-mail: sarajane@sjstudiowichita.com
Website:   eastwichitacoop.com
Type of Group:  A Christian support group for moms with children age 13 and under.  Meets on Fridays for field trips, small group classes, and other events.

ECHO (El Dorado Christian Homeschool Organization)
Type of Group: Support group (field trips, mom's night, holiday parties, etc.)
Website: http://echohomeschool.wixsite.com/home

Education Connections @ Andover Public Library
Contact Person: Morgan Bonnell, Homeschool Mom  morgan.bonnell@gmail.com
Contact Person: Jennifer Clark, Children's Librarian, Andover Public Library  jclark@andoverlibrary.org
Type of Group:  A social opportunity for homeschool children where they can play and meet new friends.  Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday @1:30.

El Dorado Homeschool Group
Contact Person(s): Becky Humig, Lisa Beal  

Contact Number: (Becky) 316-321-6007, (Lisa) 316-390-6136
Contact E-mail: bashumig@gmail.com
Yahoo Group: Contact Becky and she can tell you how to join.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211633685624689/
Type of Group: The group is for preschool students to meet for holiday parties, Christmas programs, and field trips.

Contact person(s): Alicia Unruh or Anna Dorner 
Contact number(s): (Alicia) 316-641-5179 or (Anna) 316-807-6250 
Contact email: (Alicia) taunruh@cox.net, (Anna) annagray11@yahoo.com
Type of group: Elev8 is a field trip based support group. We do once a month field trips and bi-monthly moms support meetings.

Ellis County Home School Network (ECHSN)
Contact Person: Katie Wolfe
Contact Number: 785-639-1567
Contact Email: http://echsn.weebly.com
Type of Group: Our purpose is to unite Christian homeschool families in the NW area of Kansas by promoting education freedom of parents
and their rights to educate their children at home in a manner that is pleasing to God, providing support to Christian homeschool families through
activities, field trips, fellowship, parties and moral support, sharing with one another from our areas of gifting, interests and strengths so that
our children might be better equipped.

Encore Homeschool Fine Arts
Contact Person: Martha Bachert
Contact Email: hsmom@sbcglobal.net
Website: encorehomschoolfinearts.blogspot.com
Type of Group: We ofer band, strings, choir, guitar, preschool music, percussion emsemble, and sewing classes to the homeschool student in Lawrence, KS.

Golden Belt Home Educators (Great Bend, KS)
Contact Person: Selena Riddle
Contact E-mail: info@gbhe.org
Type of Group: Geographic
Type of Group: We represent 5+ counties of homeschooling families and offer monthly field trips, teacher nights out for fellowship, and general information and support.

GO! Lutheran Homeschool Outreach
Contact Name: Jennifer Luedeke
Contact Phone: 722-9654
email: jenniferluedeke@yahoo.com
Type of Group: Church-based co-op that meets every Friday morning.  Members can join for every week or just for field trips.  

More information on our website.  http://www.ascension-lcms.org/go

Harper County Area Family Educators
Contact Person Janice Gates
Contact Number: 620-842-3530
Contact E-mail: pearly_gates@juno.com
Type of Group: Geographic

High Plains Home Educators
Contact Person: Erin Biernacki, co-op coordinator
Contact Number: 620-436-6020
Contact E-Mail: jebiernacki@wbsnet.org
Type of Group: Christian Homeschool Co-op/Support Group

Holy Family Home Educators (Wichita)
Contact Person: Jill Papsdorf
Contact Number: 620-584-4764
Contact E-mail: marthaofclonmel@gmail.com
Type of Group: Catholic Faith based

Home Educators Association (HEA)
Contact Person: Larry Timm
Contact Number: (620) 951-4410
Contact e-mail: kristaltimm@hotmailcom
Type of group: Christian support group and co-op/athletic association/field trips

Home School Association for Military Families (HSAMF)

Contact Person: Mariel K Barreras
Contact Number: 931-216-8389
Contact E-mail: suggestions@hsamf.org
Website: www.hsamf.org
Type of Group: Nationwide Military Home School Group

Kingdom-MindedMoms “MASTERClass” (Wichita)
Contact Person: Jill Grier
Contact Number: 316-516-3323
Contact E-mail: kingdommindedmoms@gmail.com
Type of Group: A monthly Christian class designed to exhort, encourage, and equip mothers toward cultivating an articulate, intellectually honest, spiritually cohesive discipleship for their children in biblical worldview thinking and living.

Mom2Mom Mentoring available.
Website: http://www.Kingdom-MindedMoms.com

Life Homeschool Ministries 

Contact E-mail: leadership@lifehm.org
Website: lifehm.org
Type of Group: Coop organization - Life Homeschool Ministries is a supplemental Christian program that supports individual homeschools from Pre-K through 7th grade. We offer a variety of subjects taught by home educators. Our desire is to encourage homeschool families through enrichment studies, life skills and friendship development within a Biblical framework. Classes held on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 - 4:00 at Pathway Church.

Marion County Home Educators
Contact Person: Cathy Mashburn
Contact Number: 620-382-7785
Contact E-mail: frog5m@tctelco.net
Type of Group: County Wide

McConnell AFB Families
Contact Person: Barbara Tinder
Contact Number: 316-832-1777
Contac E-Mail: mail4blt@yahoo.com
Type of Group: McConnell AFB Families

MFW Explorers
Contact Person: Geneva Schlittenhardt
Contact Number: 316-207-7720 cell, home 316-773-7707
Type of Group: Wichita area homeschool support group only for families using My Father’s World curriculum.
Contact email: tim.geneva@sbcglobal.net 

Newton Homeschool Fellowship
Contact person: Laura Bergman
Phone number: 316-558-0190
Contact email: lauraebergman@gmail.com
Type of Group: Newton Homeschool Fellowship is a co-opertive of families who homeschool one or more of their children, using a variety of curriculums.  We believe in teaching our children Christian values.  We offer classes on three Monday mornings per month during the school year.  We take multiple field trips to local locations, as well as some destinations that require a day trip or overnight visit.  We host holiday parties and special events, such as a field day.  We teach our children to love others and provide various community service opportunities.  We meet in Newton, Kansas.

Website: http://newtonhf.wixsite.com/nhfellowship

North East Kansas Homeschool Co-Op
Contact Person:  Diana Cantrell

Contact E-mail: smnthcan@yahoo.com  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2055904604650401/
Type of Group: North East Kansas Homeschool Co-Op is a support group and co-op for people in North East Kansas who Homeschool or want to homeschool. I will be documenting my entire homeschool process regarding links to all the pages I used to set up my homeschool, pitfalls, successes, etc. This group is also meant to provide a setting where other homeschoolers in North East Kansas can get together and share information, join activities, network and communicate. Focusing on Shawnee county and the counties around it - mostly to the west.

Reno County Home Educators
Contact Person: Aaron & Sarah Fall

Email:  info@rcheks.com
Contact Number:  620-459-7128
Type of Group: Educational support and activies.  The mission of Reno County Home Educators is to provide support, encouragement, and fellowship for those families who have chosen to be guided by Christian Principles in educating their children at home.

Website: http://renocountyhomeeducators.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/renocountyhomeeducators

Reno County Homeschool Connection
P.O. BOx 463, Hutchinson, KS 67504
Contact Person(s): Activities Coordinator:  Monica Hoy, Mom Support:  Stephanie Miller
Contact Number: (Monica) (316) 640-2953, (Stephanie) (620) 931-5489
Contact E-mail: (Monica) mhoy812@gmail.com, (Stephanie) scootergalforjesus@gmail.com
RCHC website: renocountyhomeschoolconnectionks.com
RCHC Facebook Page: Reno County Homeschool Connection, Ltd - Kansas https://www.facebook.com/groups/399542890231585/
Type of group: The goal of our group is to connect Christian families within Reno County and the surrounding area through weekly events, a monthly newsletter, moms nights, and pormoting events that are homeschool or educational within our area.  We offer co-op classes for preschool through high school on Mondays followed by Contenders Athletic Academy promoting Christian growth through sports.  We also offer swim team, gymnastics classes, sewing, field trips, science fair, Freedom Friday events, International Day, swim party, Spring Break camp, soiree (prom), graduation, and family nights.  Apply for membership, which is free, on our website where you will also find detailed information about events, once accepted.  Also join our Facebook page for constant mom support, curriculum help and updates.

Shekinah Christian Fellowship
Sumner County Homeschool Support Group
Contact Person: Jessi Bannon
Contact Number: 620-779-3339
Contact Email: sumnercokshomeschoolers@gmail.com

Smoky Valley Home Educators

Contact Person: Jesse Smith, Arlen Redden
Contact E-mail: president@svhe.com, arlen.redden@svhe.com
Type of Group: Smoky Valley Home Educators is a Saline homeschool suppourt group composed of over 50 families who meet regularly for education and encouragement of our parent-teachers.  SVHE usually meets on the fourth Monday of each month from August through May (except December). Students and parents also meet often to participate in group educational and social activities such as field trips, 4-H clubs and a variety of sports, music and academic endeavors.
Website: http://www.svhe.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smokyvalleyhomeeducators/

West Wichita Homeschool Ministries/WWHM (Wichita)
Contact Person: Jenn Huff, Kristi Johnson
Contact E-mail: wwhm.leadership@gmail.com
Type of Group: Co-op Organization

Website: http://www.wwhm.org
Contact Person: Kim Boyenger
Contact Number: 620-752-3674
Contact E-mail: boyenger@wheatstate.com
Type of Group: Geographic

Wichita Charlotte Mason Discussion Group 
Contact Person: Alicia Hart 
Contact Number: 316-540-5957 
Type of Group: We are a small group of Christian homeschooling moms who meet together
to encourage one another in implementing the educational methods of Charlotte Mason.
We are currently finishing up a DVD series called Living and Learning by Simply Charlotte Mason.
Future plans include reading through Charlotte Mason's six volume series as well as possible field trips

Worldview Conversations
Contact Person: Jeanette Powell, rpowell21@cox.net or 316-214-5430
Contact Person: Karen Shattuck marks@southwind.net 316-308-6263
Type of Group: Classes for middle school and high school homeschool students with reasonable teacher fees and no parents volunteer requirement.
Some of the classes offered are Algebra, Government, Apologia Science, Writing and Literature, Worldview and Apologetics, Latin.
Meets on Tuesdays with an optional and seperate apologetics class, Understanding the Times, one evening a week.
Location: Cornerstone Fellowship Church, 3520 N. Arkansas, Wichita, KS

For additional groups throughout the state of Kansas, please go to CHECK