TPA Library
TPA Library is closed November 8, 2018. There are no library items due and library fines will not increase on closed library days. For any questions, contact the librarian at

Would you like to search the TPA library catalog?
Would you like to see if a book is available? Click here - TPA Library Catalog

For more information, contact the TPA Librarian at
Open Thursdays 11am-1pm (Weather permitting). We are closed on holidays and the month of December.
The TPA Homeschool Library is located in the lower level of Pathway Church on Maize Rd just South of 21st.

How long is an item allowed to be checked out before needing to be returned or renewed?
Items checked out from the TPA Homeschool Library are due ONE MONTH after the checkout date.

Where can I return items when the library is closed?
TPA Library items may be returned during library hours (Every Thursday 11am - 1pm) or may be returned during open church hours by placing them in the TPA Book Drop Tote that is located in the kitchenette next to the library (Items returned in the Book Drop Tote after 1pm on a Thursday will not be checked in until the following Thursday).  

What are the ways I can renew my items and keep the items the entire semester?
You can RENEW the items which will extend the due date by one month. You can renew online here. If you renewed your item online last month, then your renewal on that item this month would have to be IN PERSON. Then the next month you could renew it online again and continue that process indefinitely as long as another library patron has not placed the item on hold.

What if I have lost the items?
Contact the TPA Librarian at

How much are fines and how do fines work?
Fines for late items will be $0.25 per item per week. If you bring your items during library hours you will not be charged a fine for that week. Please note that items returned to the TPA Book Drop Tote on Thursday AFTER 1pm or any time that the library is closed, will be checked in the following Thursday before 1pm.

How can I avoid fines?
To avoid fines: *Return borrowed materials on time. *Renew your items- You may renew your items ONLINE to extend the due date one additional month. Then you must bring the item IN PERSON to extend the due date an additional month after that. Renewing in person will allow you to renew it online the following month. You could continue this renewal process indefinitely as long as another patron has not put the item on hold. *Report any lost items as soon as possible. *Allow email reminders in your account or check your account regularly.

Can I place items on hold online to pick up later?
Yes, to RENEW items online, to VIEW the library catalog of resources, or to place items ON HOLD go to

What other help and resources are available for homeschoolers in our area?
You can get much more assistance from this website as well as the Teaching Parents Facebook page. We also recommend

How long can books be checked out?
All books and any other items have a one month checkout. You can renew the next month via email. The next month you would need to bring the item in and renew it. If the item has a hold on it from another member it can not be renewed. But as long as it is renewed in person every other time, you can continue to renew it indefinitely. 

24/7 service at the TPA Library ….. well almost …

Can't make it to the TPA Library on a Thursday? …No problem! This service is FREE and for TPA members.
This is how it works:
  1. Click the TPA Library Catalog link.
  2. If you have never used the TPA Library before, then create a login, otherwise simply login to your account (follow instructions on the TPA Library Catalog).
  3. Search the library for items you would like to checkout.
  4. Place items on hold.
  5. Send an email to the TPA Librarian ( requesting that you would like us to place your "hold" items in the dropbox in the basement kitchenette next to the TPA Library (You do not need to list the items, as we will have all those details on file).
  6. The next time the TPA Library is open, these items will be checked out - you will receive an automated email as soon as they are checked out.
  7. The items will be placed in the dropbox.
  8. Collect the items at your convenience in the dropbox whenever Pathway Church is open. The items will be clearly labeled with your name.
  9. Items are checked out for one month and can be renewed online - see checkout email for renewal and return details.
  10. Return the items to the dropbox once you are finished with them, or return them to the library on Thursdays 11am-1pm.
At the TPA Homeschool Library we strive to be a blessing to your family in your homeschool journey. We care about you and we want to do all we can to help your homeschool be a success. Likewise, we would ask that you care about your fellow homeschoolers by keeping items in usable condition and returning them on time so that others can also be blessed by the use of the TPA Homeschool Library resources.

The TPA Library is located in the basement level of Pathway Church at Maize Rd and 21st Street

Would you like to volunteer at TPA Library?
  • We need volunteers to catalog books from home.
  • TPA Library uses Library of Congress MARC21 record format with state-of-the-art library software.
  • Free training provided.
  • Please contact the librarian at

High School Internship/Volunteer Opportunity:

  • Supervised opportunity for high school students to catalog books.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • 2 hours per week for a semester - Once training is complete, work can be done from home. 


  • Computer literate.
  • Successfully complete a free online librarian training course.
  • Successfully complete free TPA Library Cataloging Training Course.

 Benefits to the Student:

  • Internship opportunity
  • Work experience with cataloging books for TPA Library using the Library of Congress Marc record format.
  • Volunteer hours - for Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life Boys, University Scholarships or work experience for your resume.
  • Opportunity to bless many homeschool families with new resources in the library.
  • After successful completion, the student will receive a work reference and certificate of completion.

Email questions to TPA Librarian -