General Information

2014 Graduating Class

2019 Graduation - May 10 - 7pm at Central Christian Church

Fall Meeting (September 13, 2018)

Winter Meeting (January 7, 2019)

Registration and ordering is completed in a single process online during the months of December and January, ending on February 1st.  Graduation information will be presented at the fall and winter meetings and much of it is included in the graduation drop down menuWe will also post information in the TPA newsletter.  The informational meetings begin at 7pm at Central Christian Church in the Hospitality Suite - use entrance #2.

Teaching Parents Association, Inc., TPA, is a Christian organization networking new, current, and former homeschool families within the state of Kansas. TPA provides education, edification and encouragement through multiple channels such as support groups, programs, and events.  Since 1994 TPA has proudly sponsored a high school graduation ceremony for homeschoolers which is a memorable day for graduates, family & friends.  It is a formal, traditional, & God-honoring event with distinctly Christian elements. 

A graduation committee of 2 coordinators & 4 chairmen oversee & direct the details of this important event with the assistance of parents of the graduates. Much of the preparation for TPA Graduations is accomplished through committees.  Each family is required to participate on one of the committees.  Assignments for most committees are made by mid-February.

Your graduate’s senior year will go very quickly.  We encourage families to get started during the fall.

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures are best taken in the fall while seniors still have some color from the summer sunshine.  You can take these yourself with a quality camera or have them professionally taken.

Graduation Announcements

Graduation announcements are available from a variety of local sources:  Hallmark Cards, Jostens, Maxine's, Party City, most bridal shops, Copy Max, Kinko’s and Quik Print. You can also create your own announcements and print them or have them printed (,,, etc.).  Graduation scrapbooks feature many sample announcements that you can peruse. 


You'll need a diploma for your student for the diploma presentation portion of the ceremony.  You can create or purchase one. Diplomas and covers can be purchased from Jostens and HSLDA ( in addition to other online sources. TPA places a group order with Jostens which has created a custom homeschool diploma and cover for TPA that can be ordered when you place your graduation order online. 

Cap and Gown

All graduation participants must wear a solid color cap and gown. These can be borrowed or purchased from the source of your choice. TPA places a group order with Jostens which features a number of colors to choose from & can be ordered online when you place your graduation order. 


Participation fee (mandatory) — covers costs of the facility for meetings, rehearsals, and ceremony, printing, student video production, scrapbooks, etc. This fee is $150.00 ($135 for TPA members).  Other items available for purchase include caps and gowns, tassels, honor cords, diplomas, photo packages, DVDs, and reception participation.  These expenses are in addition to the participation fee and do not include your own costs for senior pictures and announcements. 


If you have any questions, please contact Jeff or Jeanine Schantz by e-mail (


Register December - February 1