2019 Graduation Ceremony
Friday, May 10, 7:00 p.m.
Central Christian Church

Online graduation registration is open December and January, ending on February 1st.  The drop downs in the graduation menu provide much of the information that is presented in the fall and winter meetings.  To see the overall schedule, select Graduation Timeline in the drop down menu and the Graduation Timeline link on that page.


Teaching Parents Association (TPA) is proud to offer homeschooled seniors and their families the opportunity to participate in a formal graduation ceremony which features student presentations, a keynote speaker, diploma presentations, video production, and a reception immediately following.

The very fact that you (both student and the parent!) will soon reach graduation day signifies that you have been willing to follow the Lord’s lead down roads less traveled.

Seniors need to be homeschooled at least the last two years by their parents or guardian and seniors & parents must be willing to attend meetings and participate with other planning activities and tasks.

TPA does not endorse the quality of education of any one graduate but is simply providing an opportunity for homeschooled seniors to participate in a traditional graduation ceremony. February 1st is the deadline to participate.