Student Presentations


Auditions for the TPA Graduation Student Presentations will be held on February __ (TBD) from 6:30-8:30p.m. at Central Christian Church. Candidates should be prepared to audition with the presentation (i.e. song, speech, drama, dance, etc) that they would be performing at graduation.

Please give attention to the following guidelines.

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Please be aware that as a performer during the ceremony, you represent not only your family and private homeschool, but also the TPA organization and homeschool community at large. The recommended length for each presentation is close to, but not exceeding 5 minutes in length.
  • All music candidates MUST contact the Student Presentation Chairman no later than February 1st with information including: title/composer/arranger of music to be performed and technical/instrumental needs (i.e. sound system, microphone, piano, etc). If you require an accompanist, they will need to be present for the auditions.
  • Select music that is appropriate for this event and atmosphere – dignified, professional, & celebratory. Selections should be modest and conservative in both theme and style and must in no way go against Biblical concepts.
  • Soloists or groups are welcome to audition. Individuals and/or groups consisting of graduates solely from the current, graduating class will be given priority. The committee may provide an exception in unique circumstances (i.e. family groups, homeschool groups, etc)
  • All candidates for speaking, dramatic presentations, etc, MUST send a copy of their presentation to the Student Presentation Chairman no later than February 1st preferably through email as a Word document.
  • Out of respect for our non-homeschooling guests & family members, student speakers should concentrate on encouraging, inspiring content & refrain from any negative comments about other forms of education.
  • After contacting the Student Presentation Chairman, each candidate will be required to submit a resume of his/her experience in the area he/she is performing.
  • Please realize that many factors are considered in making selections including attention to presentation requirements, variety of presentations, appropriateness of selections, etc. Some qualified applicants may have to be turned away for totally non-musical or non-performance reasons.
  • Please contact Seth Messner at

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